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a pluggable app that runs a full check on the deployment, using a number of plugins to check e.g. database, queue server, celery processes, etc.

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This project checks a number of backends, if they are able to connect and do a simple action, e.g. check out the django ORM backend:

class DjangoDatabaseBackend(BaseHealthCheckBackend):

    def check_status(self):
            obj = TestModel.objects.create(title="test")
            obj.title = "newtest"
            return HealthCheckStatusType.working
        except IntegrityError:
            return HealthCheckStatusType.unexpected_result
        except DatabaseError:
            return HealthCheckStatusType.unavailable

The project is made using some of the same codes, that the django admin site uses - so when you have sucessfully written a new plugin, you register it to the pool, e.g.



Add this to

url(r'^ht/', include('health_check.urls'))

Add required apps:


(remember to add dependencies, e.g. djcelery - however you should have that already, if you have celery running)